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Dynamic Water Physics 2 is a water-object interaction simulator that uses mesh data to simulate both buoyancy and hydrodynamics, making it suitable for objects of any shape or size, moving or stationary.

Demos - Documentation - Discord - Unity Forum - YouTube

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Main Features

  • Fast and easy to setup - either manually or through one-click wizard.
  • Simulate any object of any shape or size, as long as it has a mesh.
  • Extremely well optimized. ~0.02ms CPU time on average per object in the demo scene, ~1.2ms total for 70 objects. (Wavy water performance depends on 3rd party asset used)
  • Multiplayer support (Mirror and PUN2).
  • WaterObjects are ribidbodies and interact with water only through use of forces. No translation or rotation applied.
  • Uses in-built algorithm to generate a simplified simulation mesh meaning that high-poly models can be used without affecting performance.
  • Suitable for both desktop and mobile.
  • Works with any positive object scale.
  • Works under water.
  • Water effects work with any flat water and are auto-generated using simulation data.
  • Included C# source code, manual and everything seen in the demo.

Ship Controller

  • Ship controller that can be used together with WaterObjects to make drivable boats and ships.
  • Additional script for submarines.
  • Multiple engines with sound, both inboard and outboard.
  • Bow and stern thrusters.
  • Multiple rudders.

Supported Water Assets


  • Crest
  • Stylized Water 2
  • R.A.M
  • Lux Water
  • Ceto Ocean
  • Ocean Community Next Gen
  • SUIMONO Water System


  • All flat water assets (AQUAS, Stylized Water Shader, etc.)

Supported Assets

  • Mirror Multiplayer
  • Photon Unity Networking 2


  • DWP2 is not a water renderer / shader.
  • The basic flat water from demo scene does not work with HDRP. Use water from Unity Standard Assets as a replacement if you need to use HDRP.

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