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  • Fixed 'Simulate Water Normals' option causing issues with RigidobdyWaterDataProvider when used with a plane.
  • Fixed two audio listeners being active at the same time when changing a vehicle.
  • Updated NWH/Common directory to match NVP2.
  • Fixed steering value range in editor.
  • Fixed sound sources not being visible in the engine inspector.


  • Fixed foam particles not being generated by WaterParticleSystem.


  • Fixed missing path error related to SceneInputActions file.


  • Fixed full stack debugging being forced on by WaterObjectManager decreasing editor performance.
  • Fixed issue with CrestWaterData provider when DWP_Crest was defined as a leftover from v2.1 and older.


  • Moved editor drawing to NWH.NUI for all scripts.
  • Added support for R.A.M.
  • Added option to weld simulation mesh vertices.
  • WaterDataProviders are now MonoBehaviors and have been simplified for easier implementatio of custom providers.
  • Cameras, VehicleChanger and other scene scripts are now the same between NWH Vehicle Physics 2 and Dynamic Water Physics 2. This enables use of both in the same scene.
  • Reworked input to use InputProvider system from NWH Vehicle Physics 2; both InputManager and InputSystem are now supported. Customizing input is now much easier.
  • Added support for water normals for water systems that can provide this info.
  • WaterObject materials are now ScriptableObjects instead of a static list.
  • Add roll stabilization.
  • Improved code related to water object simulation for better performance.
  • Added support for Collider based water.
  • Add “IsTouchingWater” to WaterObject.
  • Fixed water flow calculation.
  • Fixed WaterObjects not being detected in additively loaded scenes.
  • Other minor bug fixes and changes.