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  • Moved WaterObject gizmos to WaterObject from WaterObjectDebug. Changes to make Gizmos more similar to the ones on the initial release.
  • Fixed center of mass creep while the Rigidbody is marked as kinematic.
  • Fixed WaterObjectWizard using legacy CenterOfMass script.
  • Fixed WaterObject trying to access shared data before being initialized resulting in an out of bounds exception.
  • Fixed DragObject NullReferenceException issue.
  • Fixed disabled triangle state getting overwritten resulting in disabled objects still being simulated.
  • Fixed multiple issues with WaterObjectManager.Synchronize().
  • Optimized WaterObjectManager.Schedule().


  • Removed unused Package Manager dependencies.
  • Moved WaterDataProvider to WaterObject assembly. This was required due to the circular references between RAMWaterDataProvider and WaterObject. This will require moving the assembly references for Crest, Lux or other 3rd party water assets to NWH.DWP2 assembly definition.
  • WaterObjectSetupWizard now adds VariableCenterOfMass instead of the obsolete CenterOfMass script.
  • Fixed MassFromChildren not setting VariableCenterOfMass mass.
  • Fixed ReorderableList crashing Editor in Unity 2021.


  • Removed requirement for .NET 4.x.
  • Fixed the import issues introduced with the previous version.


  • Added .asmdefs (clean import required).
  • (Re)Introduced “Finish Jobs In One Frame” option to the WaterObjectManager.
  • Made InputActions path relative.
  • Fixed WaterParticleSystem water line using inactive/incorrect triangle edges.
  • Fixed “Weld Colocated Vertices” being ignored when “Simplify Mesh” option is disabled.
  • Fixed WaterObject gizmos not always being drawn properly.
  • Fixed deleting WaterObject causing errors.
  • Fixed depth at the center of a split triangle sometimes registers as too high.


  • CameraMouseDrag can now be used for both 1st and 3rd person view (including rotation, panning and camera shake) and will replace other cameras in the future versions as an universal camera.
  • Reworked Submarine script and added a PID controller for better depth control.
  • Added option to synchronize WaterObjects in current scene or all loaded scenes.
  • Fixed editor division by zero when no WaterObjects present.
  • Fixed missing 'using Unity.Burst;' inside WaterTriangleJob.
  • Fixed Burst compatibility on newer versions of Unity.


  • Added per-object simulation settings.
  • Added multiple throttle bindings.
  • Fixed inspector entering infinite loop on Unity 2020.2 when ReorderableList is drawn.


  • Fixed import bug introduced in v2.3.


  • Asset restructure to allow for seamless import of multiple NWH assets into the same project. Clean import needed.


  • Fixed 'Simulate Water Normals' option causing issues with RigidobdyWaterDataProvider when used with a plane.
  • Fixed two audio listeners being active at the same time when changing a vehicle.
  • Updated NWH/Common directory to match NVP2.
  • Fixed steering value range in editor.
  • Fixed sound sources not being visible in the engine inspector.


  • Fixed foam particles not being generated by WaterParticleSystem.


  • Fixed missing path error related to SceneInputActions file.


  • Fixed full stack debugging being forced on by WaterObjectManager decreasing editor performance.
  • Fixed issue with CrestWaterData provider when DWP_Crest was defined as a leftover from v2.1 and older.


  • Moved editor drawing to NWH.NUI for all scripts.
  • Added support for R.A.M.
  • Added option to weld simulation mesh vertices.
  • WaterDataProviders are now MonoBehaviors and have been simplified for easier implementatio of custom providers.
  • Cameras, VehicleChanger and other scene scripts are now the same between NWH Vehicle Physics 2 and Dynamic Water Physics 2. This enables use of both in the same scene.
  • Reworked input to use InputProvider system from NWH Vehicle Physics 2; both InputManager and InputSystem are now supported. Customizing input is now much easier.
  • Added support for water normals for water systems that can provide this info.
  • WaterObject materials are now ScriptableObjects instead of a static list.
  • Add roll stabilization.
  • Improved code related to water object simulation for better performance.
  • Added support for Collider based water.
  • Add “IsTouchingWater” to WaterObject.
  • Fixed water flow calculation.
  • Fixed WaterObjects not being detected in additively loaded scenes.
  • Other minor bug fixes and changes.