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Crest Setup

Screenshot of demo scene for DWP2 with Crest.

Dynamic Water Physics 2 is compatible with Crest v10 or newer. Older versions have different API.

Crest Import
  1. Download Crest from the Unity Asset Store.
  2. Open Crest-Examples โ‡’ Main โ‡’ Scenes โ‡’ main scene.
  3. Remove the existing boat from the scene.
Adding a CrestWaterDataProvider
  1. Find the GameObject containing the OceanRenderer component.
  2. Attach CrestWaterDataProvider to the object.
  3. Attach SphereCollider to the object and tick Is Trigger (any collider can be used).
  4. Set the radius/size of the collider to cover the play area. This can be set to near infinite if the ocean is to cover the whole world.
Adding a WaterObject
  1. Drag Racer prefab into the scene.
  2. Press play. The boat will now float and follow the waves properly. If this is not the case check that the console states DWP: Using Crest and there are no errors or warnings.