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Submarine inspector.

A script that can be attached to AdvancedShipController to control submarine-specific functions.

  • Requested Depth - depth in meters at which the submarine will try to stay.
  • Input Depth Change Speed - speed of change of Requested Depth when there is user input.
  • Depth Sensitivity - how sensitive depth regulator will be to the changes in depth. Higher value will result in faster reaction times to depth change.
  • Max Mass Factor - maximum mass multiplier. Submarines take on water to change depth and this value determines maximum total mass that a submarine can achieve.
  • Keep Horizontal - if true the script will try to keep the submarine horizontal / level.
  • Keep Horizontal Sensitivity - how fast the script will react to submarine not being level.
  • Max Mass Offset - to keep the submarine level the center of mass is offset from the resting center of mass as required. This is the maximum offset that can be achieved.