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Water Object

WaterObject inspector.

WaterObject is a script that tells WaterObjectManager that the object should interact with water.
It also handles Simulation Mesh generation. Simulation Mesh is the mesh that will be used for simulating water/object interaction and can either be the original mesh or a simplified version of it. WaterObject provides basic tools for mesh triangle decimation.

WaterObject with WaterObjectManager's Debug field enabled.


  • Simplify Mesh - Should the simulation mesh be simplified? If the mesh has more than 30 triangles it is usually a good idea to enable this option.
  • Target Triangle Count - How many triangles the simplified simulation mesh should have?
  • Convexify Mesh - Should the simulation mesh be made convex? While DWP supports both convex and concave shapes, enabling this option is recommended when there are holes in the mesh (e.g. a crate without the top or a ship hull without deck). In some cases it can also be used to lower the triangle count additionally.
  • Update Simulation Mesh - Generates the simulation mesh from the given options. If Simplify and Convexify are left unticked the original mesh will be used.
  • Toggle In-Scene Preview - Besides using the preview icons inside the inspector it is also possible to preview the simulation mesh inside the scene. When clicked this button will toggle between original and simulation mesh on the current object.

Instantiating at Run-time

Check WaterObjectManager page for more info about instantiating WaterObjects at run-time.